Norm Is A Funny Guy, But I Guess Not Funny Enough


So Norm went from her in 1996 to this the next year?


Way to go, Normie!

However, wikipedia says that Elle MacPherson was with some French dude from 1996-2005 and had 2 sons with him. No mention of Norm at all. However, Elle divorced for the third time a couple of years ago, so maybe Norm can swoop in now.


5 thoughts on “Norm Is A Funny Guy, But I Guess Not Funny Enough

  1. Women are like children. “ewww .. shinny object” ..

    Case in point .. at work we had a female inspector come in and observe two of our technicians .. she’s from a formerly soviet break-away country I forget.

    She’s very attractive. Tge tech’s were both married. Both attractive guys with a lil game. Both are taller than me .. both over 6ft and one at least 6 ft 3 inches.

    She is there to evaluate our workers and work processes. She immediately see’s the 6’3″ tech and his “baltic blue eyes”. She was compromised immediately and the rest of the story is she loved us blue eyes.

    The above highly abbreviated story shows .. shiny objects make girls swoon. Nothing else mattered. NOTHING!

    How can a man allow such a creature into his life with the power to destroy it? All over trivial objects.

    Norm musta had something that made her lose all her senses .. Lord knows if I had that power over Elle I’d been pimpin that ride all-over town!

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