Screw It – Just Give Me The $25 Million!

Chuck Schumer has a plan So, Chuck, what kind of car do you drive? How about your staff and Dem colleagues? — WilliamTeach2 (@WTeach2) October 25, 2019 I don’t feel like giving the NY Times a hit, so (WRAL) Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is moving Democrats’ climate talk to where the rubber meets the…

via Who’s Up For Los Federales Giving $462 Billion To Swap Fossil Fueled Vehicles For Electric? — Pirate’s Cove

Schumer says that this plan will create “tens of thousands” of jobs, huh? So if we just round that cost up to $500 billion ( yes, a 10% increase is being super conservative) and then divide that by an extremely generous 20,000 jobs, that’s $25 million per job created. 40,000 jobs (Ha, ha, ha!) is still $12.5 million each. Yeah, just give me the money, Chuck.

One thought on “Screw It – Just Give Me The $25 Million!

  1. That’s all Poly’s do .. make their feiends rich at our expense ..

    I have a bridge to nowhere that needs a shot of cash to get off th ground .. so back off my KHH .. HEH

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