Hey Dad, What’s A Gold-digger?

Well, son…

His Girlfriend Wants to Share Their Incomes, But He Makes 7 Times As Much as She Does

So here is the deal, me and my girlfriend have been together for a little under 3 years and have been living together for a few months. My girlfriend takes college classes and works part time, I finished college 2 years ago, quickly got hired by the company I did my internship at and within a year I got a promotion and a large payraise and I am now making roughly 150K a year, while she makes 20K a year.

Now she moved in with me a few months ago in to the place I bought so I pay nearly all costs, mortgage, electricity, water etc, the only things she pays herself are non essentials like spotify, Phone bill, netflix and so forth.

Now recently we got in to a huge fight where she demanded we pool our money together and spend what is left after essential costs together, where as currently I pay basically every essential and my own shit, use a bit to enjoy myself and put the rest in to my savings.

So, when a crazy bitch wants you to “pool” your money with hers, when she has 1/7 (or some other ridiculous fraction) of what you do, that’s one kind of gold-digger, son. Now, this version is a little more complex than the one who just wants you to pay for everything outright, because this one wants to pretend she’s sharing paying the bills.  She’s actually maybe a little crazier in some respects.

Run, my boy. Run fast and run far. (Don’t actually run, just fucking next her hard.)

9 thoughts on “Hey Dad, What’s A Gold-digger?

  1. Well .. they claim to be strong independent wimmimz .. until they are poor lil girls .. this one is playing both sides of the fence. The fact is she’s expecting the old rules for you .. and the new rules for her.

    1st .. yenz ain’t married. Bish can suck a d!(k .. and swallow before you evict’er.

    2nd .. time for dis bish to move out .. give her half .. half of your free time .. half of the date night bills .. half of vacation bills .. etc.

    3rd .. get a girlfriend with her own place .. visit for your booty calls and never let her store anything at your place.

    You’re welcome.

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  2. Here’s a lil’ good ole jealous in-dig-nation .. thank you Lily Burana for sharing your disdain and penis envy ..


    Money (HEH) Shot ..

    Let’s not pretend for one second that women, however wealthy, successful or beautiful, enjoy the same wealth of opportunity to date younger and younger as they get older and more successful.

    Ladies .. it’s okay to be a gold digger (according to Lily Burns-Anal) but it’s a shame th wimminz don’t enjoy MARRIAGE opportunities with younger men (even if they are rich) as they age .. just like men.

    1st Lily Banger’Anal .. bless your poor lil heart .. men want younger .. tighter .. more agreeable .. and can get it as they age. Don’t hate .. Con-Grad-U-Ate!

    2nd Lily Bunn’Tard .. wimmimz will never marry down. So your efforts fall (like your unddies to a wealthy or famous man) short of any hope of success.

    So, your in-sis-tance to distort the nature of things is laughable ..

    And for that we thank you!

    Peace out Sugar Tits (aka Lily Bought-Anal)

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      • Yep .. she does anal on th’ first date ..

        … BREAK …

        She’s mad she didn’t land’em .. she’s made that a good lookin’ PhD (younger .. tighter .. hotter .. and more educated) womminz got’em.

        Just think .. even when th’ wimminz have it all .. they still have to marry a washed-up actor .. HEH!

        Oh the in-dig-nay-tee .. NOT!

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      • Well she was a Stripper / Peep-Show (sugar tits) Performer / and SJW for Stripper rights ..

        Soooooooo .. me thinks she’s taken (more than) a couple of wrecking balls to th’ face .. if ya’ know what I mean and I think ya’ do.

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