Katie Hill Knows How To Pick Them (I Think)


Here’s the girl her and her husband were having a throuple with. Dang, if this girl has a twin sister I’m down for a throuple too. Pic from Heavy.com


Hey, wait a minute. The Sun says this is Morgan Desjardins


And Daily Mail has a similar pic.

That does NOT look like the same girl to me. Could it really be? The top picture is the same one used at a Medium.com post (which I can’t link to for some reason).

As a senior member of the Katie Hill for Congress team, at a time when women are still grossly underrepresented in our government (and issues like pay equity continue to go unaddressed because we aren’t at the decision-making table), I felt compelled to write about this important issue.

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She’s like a metamorph or something if that’s the same girl.


Common Sense Legal Reform via Ace of Spades

“What this country needs is some common sense legal reform. Here are some ideas:

“1. We need to switch to a ‘loser pays’ system. Also, the legal costs should be split between the loser and his or her attorney. The lawyers need to be forced to have skin in the game, too. Let’s diminish the legal profession’s “we get paid regardless of the outcome” incentive to clog the courts with cases of dubious merit.

“2. If you are convicted of falsely accusing someone of a crime, your sentence will be whatever the sentence is for the crime you used in your accusation.

“3. Any prosecutor who withholds exculpatory evidence from the defense shall be strung up by their balls and roasted over a slow fire. Seriously, the prosecutor should be declared guilty of the same crime they tried to impose on the defendant, and sentenced accordingly.

“4. Lying to prosecutors or law enforcement should not be a crime as long as it is legal for them to lie to you.

“5. If you absolutely insist that lying to prosecutors should be a crime, then the determination of whether the defendant actually lied should not be made by the prosecutor due to the obvious conflict of interest, but by an independently appointed officer of the court. And if the accusation is rejected, the prosecutor will incur the same penalties he sought to impose.

“7. “Some folks just need killing” should be a valid legal concept. The growth of the permanent criminal underclass must be contained.

“8. Hate speech should be declared an invalid concept for any legislation or legal proceeding.

“9. 15-year-old boys should not have to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives for having nude photos of their 14-year-old girlfriends on their smart phones.

“10. Mean tweets, hurt feelings, and losing an election are not grounds for impeachment.

“11. No state, local, or national legislative body shall exempt itself from whatever laws it passes.

“12. Epstein didn’t kill himself.”

Looks good from here.

Where Are They? Nope, They’re Not Back Here Either!

Happy Hump Day!On to the links! Want to know the best place in the Middle East to be an Arab Muslim? Israel. Do you live in Chicago? Get the hell out. Now! Sally Kohn is an idiot. Joy Behar is an idiot. The editorial staff of The Guardian are idiots. The Washington Examiner examines (hah)…

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I know it’s “hump day”, but c,mon. You can’t have T and A without the T, Animal!

Happy Shared Delusion Day 2019!


So, it’s Election Day in many parts of the U.S. today. This is the day when a small minority of the people actually eligible to vote, and many people not eligible to vote, and many dead people who maybe were eligible, but are no longer due to being dead, vote for people and ideas that will supposedly represent how they wish to be governed even though many, if not most people know deep in their hearts that voting is practically meaningless these days.


Average citizens have no real impact when it comes to shaping government policy. We all just kinds mouth platitudes about how great “Our Democracy” is while keeping our fingers crossed the whole system doesn’t catch fire and fall down on top of us before we die and finally escape the asylum. Want evidence to support my ramblings? Okay. Brexit is the greatest and most recent proof that voting is meaningless. 3 years ago UK voters decided to walk off the E.U. Plantation. Guess what? No Brexit. Massa (or Pharoah as you desire) ain’t just gonna let those useful slaves go off to do as they please. Nope, not even if they “voted” for it.

Closer to home, the plain fact that BOTH parties have been trying to stop Trump from MAGAing the country should be enough for any reasonable person to come to the conclusion that TPTB don’t give a crap about elections or democracy.

Anyway, enjoy SDD 2019 and get out and vote.

Well, They Got A Free Trip, Right?


A group of climate activists crossing the Atlantic by sailboat to a UN summit in Chile were shocked to learn the event was canceled — four weeks into their grueling voyage.

The 36 young environmentalists set off from Amsterdam on October 2, using a sailboat in order to highlight the impact of flying on greenhouse gas emissions.

They had completed more than half of their seven-week journey to the UN Climate Conference (COP25) in Santiago, Chile, which was scheduled to take place in early December.

However Chile’s President Sebastián Piñera announced Wednesday that the country would no longer host the summit, amid protests that have left at least 20 people dead and led to the resignation of eight cabinet ministers.

I’ve only be sailing on the river, but I quite enjoyed it. Don’t know how I’d do on trans-Atlantic trip. Mostly depends on who else is on the boat I think. Now, that boat doesn’t look big enough to carry 36 people on a 7 week journey to me. Hmmm, I wonder what the vessel’s name is. The Floating Nuthouse seems like a good guess.

You Can Do Better, Dude

So, this guy was married to Christy Brinkley (she’s been married 4 times, but, hey, 12 men walked on the moon) and now he’s engaged to this 21 y.o. “student”.



Dude, we’re not ragging on you for the age difference. Hell, we’re more into Y-H-T than the RDA actually suggests, but c’mon, man. She looks like the 2nd-billed act, at Paducah’s third most popular strip club.

Now here’s a girl who looks like she’d be down to boink older dudes with money that you could be proud of.Down_for_it

Tattoo means she’s an idiot, but it looks like you’re okay with that.