“but it didn’t slow down…”


“If we were locked to the tracks, they wouldn’t have had time to slow down by the time they saw us,” one of the protesters said. “They went through two sets of flaggers.” […]

“We didn’t expect the train to stop in front of us. It can’t stop that fast. The point is that it still had time to stop before the protest site,” said Wen Stephenson, one of the protest organizers who was stationed as a scout along the tracks.

Bring back chains gangs just for these morons. All these idiots should serve spend the next 10 years of their lives picking up trash along our highways at their own expense. Trains are one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to move cargo we have, and the physics of moving high tonnage at reasonable speeds is completely un-forgiving. Hope they do chain themselves to the tracks next time. I’ll put on my Engineer Fred cap if needed.

4 thoughts on ““but it didn’t slow down…”

  1. The shouldn’t stop .. make meat kaboobs (heh) out’of’em!

    They then continued to chase the train, waving their lights as the train horn blared.

    The protesters acted as though they were the aggrieved parties.

    Maybe they had a O’Possum (it’s french) to sell .. (maybe they should’da used a red lattern .. bwhaaaa)

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