Just Why Is Google So Evil?


I was invited to visit Google ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects) to learn about some of their new projects in storytelling.  I got to visit their space, meet some of my creative heroes and I shared with them all of my work in interactive books and storytelling.

What started as just a visit quickly turned into a job interview. I was even invited to share my work directly with Regina Dugan, the director of ATAP at that time! I was excited, thinking perhaps I would be invited for a summer internship. It turned out they found my work so relevant that they offered me a job on the spot.

It was a tough choice: I was two years into my PhD and would’ve had to take a leave from the program to pursue this project. After asking many people, the advice was clear: stay in school. So I decided to turn down the offer and continue pursuing my PhD. That’s where the glitter ends.

Two years later, in March 2016 I find out from some paper engineering friends that some of the same people who had interviewed me had also applied for patents on interactive pop-up books with electronics.  These patents covered many of the same things that had been discussed, that I’d showed them, with no mention of my or many others’ work known in the field.

I looked up the patent application and luckily, this time the patent application was still being reviewed by the patent examiner.  It had not issued! The provisional was filed August 29, 2014, months after my first interview and visit back in March 2014.  Two of the inventors listed were the same people who had interviewed me. 

I think Google is evil just because they can be. Power breeds corruption like rabbits breed baby rabbits.

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