“but it didn’t slow down…”

Climate Cult Gang Tries to Block a Freight Train, Finds Out That’s Not a Good Idea

“If we were locked to the tracks, they wouldn’t have had time to slow down by the time they saw us,” one of the protesters said. “They went through two sets of flaggers.” […]

“We didn’t expect the train to stop in front of us. It can’t stop that fast. The point is that it still had time to stop before the protest site,” said Wen Stephenson, one of the protest organizers who was stationed as a scout along the tracks.

Bring back chains gangs just for these morons. All these idiots should serve spend the next 10 years of their lives picking up trash along our highways at their own expense. Trains are one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to move cargo we have, and the physics of moving high tonnage at reasonable speeds is completely un-forgiving. Hope they do chain themselves to the tracks next time. I’ll put on my Engineer Fred cap if needed.

Animal’s Hump Day News — Animal Magnetism

oh hi hello how are you 🙃 @playboy

Happy Hump Day!On to the links! Some zoo chimps were spotted… dancing. Well, sort of. I’ve had the chance to see two great apes up close. The second was a young male chimp, who was on the other side of a thick plexiglass wall at the Honolulu zoo. He sat there against the wall while…

via Animal’s Hump Day News — Animal Magnetism

Look like a couple of real nice rides to me. Nice comfy-lookin’ seats on both of ’em.

Can You Even Imagine A World Where The Women Are Actually As Depicted In Jewelry Commercials?

Or, really any commercials.

This one was on during every break last night during a movie I was watching with my younger boy.

So were supposed to believe that this woman is somehow worth her weight in diamonds? WTF for? What does she do while he’s actually parenting? In the end she flounces in and says, “Look around you”? Big Fucking Deal.

This reminds of the Peloton Girl ad in that it actually completely fails to be convincing. Well, at least Peleton Girl is hot.


Keep The Internet of Things (IoT) The F*ck Outta Your House


A Mississippi family is terrified after the Ring security camera they installed in their three daughters’ bedroom for “peace of mind” was taken over by a malicious hacker who watched and interacted with their eight-year-old daughter, yelled the n-word repeatedly while trying to get the girl to say it, and told her to destroy her room.

Eight-year-old Alyssa LeMay was lured by strange sounds and music coming from her bedroom, which she shares with her two younger sisters, and went to investigate. As she searched for the source of the sounds, the music stopped and a man’s voice said, “Hello there.”

The man then yelled the n-word over and over and tried to get the girl to say it. “Say it with me,” he said, “Come on, girl, say it with me.”

Only an idiot invites the devil into their home.


Are You Ready To Welcome Our New Robot Overlords?


Whether for maintenance or augmentation, robots that can use tools on themselves are more independent and capable

The other neat trick that a robot can do once it can tighten screws on its own body is to add new bits of hardware to itself. PR2 was thoughtfully designed with mounting points on its shoulders (or maybe technically its neck) and head, and it turns out that it can reach these points with its manipulators, allowing to modify itself, as the researchers explain…

Add new bits of hardware? Like rocket launchers or machine guns?

Apparently the Japanese word for idiot is “Baka”.  Well,

Sayōnara baka!

I Liked It Better When I Could Tell Them Apart

I haven’t paid any attention to the SI Swimsuit stuff for literally decades, so I’m not familiar with any of the recent crop of bikini mannequins. The internet has made the socially acceptable tit-illation of that formerly iconic issue moot. So, when someone links a couple pics of the recent alumni, I was saddened by how un-spectacular and frankly, indistinguishable I found them to be.

One of these chicks is called Barbara Palvin and the other is Solveig Hansen (great name, at least), but that appears to be the biggest difference between them. Ha-rumph, “In my day we could Elle, Kathy, Paulina and Rachel apart just by looking at them.” /Ha-rumph