Rule Five Micro-Nukes Friday — Animal Magnetism

Here is some more information on small modular nuclear reactors; these could revolutionize energy provision in many ways, some of which we’ve discussed before. Excerpt: Actually – small nuclear reactors are not new. We have been using them on nuclear submarines and other vessels for years. What is new is commercial SMRs for grid power. […]

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“The only thing to do, then, is entirely decouple the Humanities from reason and evidence.”

It’s pretty simple, actually.  As one only gets tenure by publishing, and since only original “research” gets published, the Humanities would cease to exist if their professors confined themselves to things like “evidence” and “reason.”  Shakespeare, after all, isn’t around to write any more sonnets, and we’ve long ago examined all probable causes of big historical events like the Civil War.  The only thing to do, then, is entirely decouple the Humanities from reason and evidence.  This is Postmodernism, and it’s so successful because it starts with an impossibility — it’s a fact, the PoMos declare, that there’s no such thing as a fact.

“Search your feelings. You know it to be true.”


Animal’s Daily Work Incentive News — Animal Magnetism

Before we move on, check out the latest in my Allamakee County Chronicles series over at Glibertarians! Now: From one of the few bright members of Congress these days, Rand Paul, comes this: If No One Has to Work, No One Will. Excerpt: A few years ago, NPR did a fabulous story on China’s rise […]

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Pretty girl. Hope that cow didn’t get spooked and kill her.

WTF – Friday: Ugly Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Serena Williams proves one dress can flatter all — and shares sneaky-smart design secrets every woman should know



Six of Serena’s friends joined her to model the dress, showing that the style flatters a variety of body types. “I brought back some of my favorite people and one of my favorite dresses, the Serena Icon ‘S’ Logo Dress, that is really, literally, for every single body type,” says Serena. “Ladies, what do you guys think?”

Serena’s friends sound off on all of their favorite features of the dress. The thick-but-stretchy fabric accommodates everybody’s curves, while the square neck has the perfect amount of coverage. “Square neck looks good on everybody,” says Isha. “Whether you have a little or a lot at the top, you can make it.” Ciana agrees, adding, “I still feel sexy in it.”

Serena’s friend’s sure better like her dress or they don’t get to be her friend anymore.

I may not know fashion, but that’s ugly-as-shit and no denying it.

Its like a monster truck rally up in this bitch.