That’s Not The Real Story, Stacy…

The Other McCain reports that:

A 22-year-old Los Angeles man arrested earlier this week in connection with the weekend disappearance of a 13-year-old Mendocino County girl visiting San Francisco with her family has been released from jail pending charges.
As the Chronicle is reporting, the District Attorney’s Office — the leadership of which changes today with the swearing in of Chesa Boudin — decided to delay a charging decision in the case. Only yesterday, the paper reported that the suspect, King John Baylon, was facing 18 felonies including possession or control of child pornography, using a minor for sex acts, and kidnapping for child molestation. It’s unclear what prompted the decision to delay charges, but all suspects are legally allowed to get out of jail if prosecutors do not file charges within 48 hours of their arrest.
A spokesperson for the DA’s Office, Alex Bastian, simply said that the case remains under investigation.

Blaming kooky CA laws for letting this creep go, OK, but the REAL story is this:

Authorities believe that Baylon met the girl . . . on the internet. The girl came to the city with her family so that her sister could receive treatment for diabetes at UCSF’s Madison Clinic for Pediatric Diabetes. She reportedly claimed she was feeling carsick and she was then seen on surveillance video exiting the hospital. She was later spotted at a local restaurant, where she met up with the suspect.

The girl wasn’t kidnapped. She went willingly with a total stranger she met on the internet. WTF did she think was going to go down? She was going to Hollywood to be movie star? Does she think this perv knows J-Lo or Ariana Grande? Hate to say it, but this idiot escaped from a bad-ending in spite of her maybe deserving it. Parental failure or just totally stupid kid? Hard to say.

None of the commenters address this? Why is that? Seems weird.

One thought on “That’s Not The Real Story, Stacy…

  1. Most parents live in a safe space bubble and thusly the kids have zero clue thru parental training or observations.

    99% of wimminz today think they can defend themselves with their kick-azz awesome-ness .. and if that doesn’t work they can use words to stop any attack.

    And we can’t change their mind(s).

    This should’ve been a slam-dunk .. she’s 13 .. she can’t consent. In this case stat-two-tory rape occurs even if the parents later consented. (Which they didn’t.) So he should’ve been charged on those charges regardless of other pending charges.

    I have a travel ban on Liberal States .. so I’m all good.

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