Pinched from Steve sailer’s review of Little Women (2019)

‘Little Women’: Tween Tale

While it’s common for leading men to evolve into strong directors (most recently Bradley Cooper with A Star Is Born), it’s rare for actresses to graduate to directing even though their screen careers are shorter. A large part of the job of directing is decisively persuading your crew that you know what you want and how to get it, which leading men are trained to be good at faking. But leading ladies tend to be selected for the force of their fluctuating feelings. As a Hollywood agent explains to Philip Marlowe in The Little Sister:

If these people didn’t live intense and rather disordered lives, if their emotions didn’t ride them too hard—well, they wouldn’t be able to catch those emotions in flight and imprint them on a few feet of celluloid…

Actors must be at least a little crazy to be good at their craft. A few can let the dog off the leash and then catch it without anyone getting bitten, but most are just plain nutty 24/7.


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