In More “Physiognomy is Real” News…

Kelly Holstine is a left-wing Minnesota teacher who was honored as the state’s Teacher of the Year for 2018-19, and made headlines locally by refusing to attend the White House ceremony at which the states’ honorees were recognized last spring. Shockingly, she doesn’t like President Trump, and didn’t want to be anywhere near him. This is how she describes herself on Twitter (after telling us that her pronouns are “she/her”):

Director of Educational Equity at OutFront MN, Previous Alt-Ed Teacher, Animal Rescuer

Fast forward to Monday night’s college football championship game–the one at which President Trump received a thunderous welcome from the crowd. During the pregame ceremony, the states’ Teachers of the Year were again honored by being on the playing field along with the President and First Lady, and many others. This time, Holstine thought it worth her while to show up. Why? So she could take a knee, like Colin Kaepernick:



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