All The People On Twitter…


No, seriously, these are the people on Twitter and they get to vote. They can’t name a Supreme Court justice, but they know who Kim Kardashian is. They don’t know which countries border the USA, who won the Civil War, WHO FOUGHT IN THE CIVIL WAR, but they get to vote??? This is how you lose your republic.

2 thoughts on “All The People On Twitter…

  1. Yep. Well, the founding fathers understood this…which is why they limited the right to vote.
    Notice how the media tells us what is important.
    I know I’m just stating the obvious but remember when Syria was a big deal? This was like two months ago. Seems to have turned out okay. How about ISIS. The terrorists had so much territory they called it a “state” (right there in the acronym…think if Trump were president he would’ve ever accepted the term “state” for an Islamic caliphate which gives them a de facto legitimacy?)
    Now it’s the Ukraine. It was okay when Obama withheld funds and assistance but now expecting any policing of obvious corruption is “denying a desperate ally assistance”. Can any of these people find the Ukraine on a map? Do they know during sequestration we didn’t have the fuel to fill our own jets and it set us back years of training pilots…IOW, Obama “denied our own desperate military” funding.
    People are stupid.

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