”The U.S. can no longer make penicillin”



>”The U.S. can no longer make penicillin. The last U.S. penicillin fermentation plant closed in 2004. …

>”The U.S. can no longer make generic antibiotics. Because the U.S. has allowed the industrial base to wither, the U.S. cannot produce generic antibiotics for children’s ear infections, strep throat, pneumonia, urinary tract infections, sexually-transmitted diseases, Lyme disease, superbugs and other infections that are threats to human life. We cannot make the generic antibiotics for anthrax exposure. After the anthrax attacks on Capitol Hill and elsewhere in 2001, the U.S. government turned to a European company to buy 20 million doses of the recommended treatment for anthrax exposure, doxycycline. That company had to buy the chemical starting material from China. What if China were the anthrax attacker?”

”Beyond antibiotics, the U.S. industrial base for generic drug manufacturing is on the brink of collapse. Generic drugs are 90 percent of the medicines Americans take. Examples of generic drugs made in China by domestic companies and sold in the United States include: antibiotics, anti-depressants, birth control pills, chemotherapy for cancer treatment for children and adults, medicine for Alzheimer’s, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, Parkinson’s, and epilepsy, to name a few. If past performance is indicative of future performance, China’s generic drug companies will engage in cartel formation and predatory pricing, and drive out U.S. and other western generic companies.”

I’ve posted before about how Amazon couldn’t make the Kindle in the U.S. even if they wanted to because we no longer have the industrial base to do so, but, did you ever, in your wildest dreams, think that America would lose the ability to make antibiotics? HTF did that happen?

Industry data reveal that Chinese companies formed a cartel, colluded to sell product on the global market at below market price, and drove all U.S. European, and Indian producers out of business. Once they gained dominant global market share, prices increased.”

“Because the U.S. has allowed the industrial base to wither…”

Funny, I don’t ever remember voting for that.

What the hell is the FDA doing about this?

”Most of the FDA’s investigators who are sent to China do not speak the language. They can’t read the manufacturing records. The FDA does not always provide independent translators. Instead, the companies provide translators who, more often than not, are company salesmen. Sometimes, FDA investigators simply give plants a pass, deeming them to be No Action Indicated because they have no way to tell otherwise. The investigators also can’t read street signs, which make them vulnerable to wild manipulations. Companies steer them to phony ‘show’ plants, where everything looks compliant, but the companies aren’t manufacturing there. Sometimes a group of companies pool their resources and invest in the same “show” factory, so that different FDA inspectors return to the same plant at different times, each one thinking they are inspecting a different facility.”


The agency (FDA) appears to discourage talented staff to deploy in China and elsewhere abroad because of “a lack of clear career progression and promotion opportunities. Right now, those who serve overseas often return to the FDA’s U.S. headquarters without a guaranteed job, and sometimes have to accept demotions.”


When I was kid we still had the crazy idea that the government was supposed to serve the needs of the people, and not the other way around.

But What Is Sadder Still Is…

One of the sad truths about the Trump era is that the Republican Party will return to being the Bush party as soon as Trump leaves office. The 2020 election could be a blowout, giving Trump a mandate to push through all sorts of populist projects, as well as giving the GOP a huge majority. Trumpism could become the default position of the base, but the party will immediately begin selling itself as a the kinder, gentler Trumpism as soon as Trump is in the rear-view mirror.

via A New Radicalism — The Z Blog

What we really needed was Trump x 10. Too many people are over-praising Trump for tweeting and “fighting back” when his “victories” will proof all too ephemeral once he leaves office.


No, The 2003 Hulk Movie Was Bad

Sorry Fanboys, You’re Wrong About Ang Lee’s ‘Hulk’

How do I know it was bad?

On opening weekend, “Hulk” boasted the mightiest June opening of all time, followed by one of the largest drops ever in the box office top ten. Word of mouth sunk the film, which barely managed to pass the $100 million mark.

See, people not liking a film generally means it has failed to please its purported audience. That makes it a bad film.

Anyway, here’s the real reason for this post. From the comments at the link:

“Don’t go to a Hulk film made by Ang Lee. You wouldn’t like it when it’s Ang Lee.”

– Ron Standford

Nice one, Ron. Good show.

Mr. Scott Was Real Good At Beaming

Doohan’s third marriage in 1974 was to a young Star Trek fan, Wende Braunberger, when he was 54 and she was 18. They remained married until he died 31 years later in 2005. They had three children, the last born in 2000 when Wende was 44 and Doohan just a couple of months short of his 80th birthday.

Engineers get the job done!


Mr.Scott and Family


Teach Prosecutors To Teach Women Not To Rape


An assistant principal charged with raping a 16-year-old student in Missouri has avoided jail time by accepting an Alford plea, allowing her to assert innocence while acknowledging the evidence proves her guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

Elizabeth Giesler, who served as the assistant principal of Ste. Genievieve Middle school in eastern Missouri prior to the indictment, accepted the Alford plea earlier this week, according to court records.

Rather than serving jail time, Giesler reportedly agreed to serve two years probation, as well as voluntarily surrender her teacher’s license.

The 39-year-old assistant principal was charged with sexual contact with a student, statutory sodomy and statutory rape in 2018, The Kansas City Star reported.

Ste. Genevieve County prosecuting attorney Wayne Williams defended the Alford plea in a statement to the Daily Journal, saying he considered her lack of a criminal record and how she would no longer be able to work in schools after surrendering her teacher’s license.

“Some people might not understand the bargain that was struck in this case unless they really understand what she had to give up voluntarily to get that bargain,” Mr Williams said.

He added: “That was basically her livelihood, and she had to surrender that.”


“Some people might not understand the bargain that was struck in this case unless they really understand what she had to give up voluntarily to get that bargain,” Mr Williams said.

I understand that Wayne Williams should be tarred and feathered. She didn’t give up shit “voluntarily”, Wayne. Two years probation? Eat shit, Wayne.

He added: “That was basically her livelihood, and she had to surrender that.”

What, so now she’s going to starve to death under a bridge somewhere?

As most of the comments at the link point out, thankfully, if this had been a male teacher and a female middle school student that teacher would have gotten 20 years in prison and been a registered sex criminal for the rest of his life.