How Do Meth Addicts Do Their Makeup? I’m Glad You Asked…


Holy $%^&*#, Batman! Clayface has broken out of Arkham and is doing youtube videos!

WTF is that clear coat she puts on at the end? Will it defeat small arms fire as well?

7 thoughts on “How Do Meth Addicts Do Their Makeup? I’m Glad You Asked…

  1. A womminz on the street:

    “Men are such liar’s .. they’ll say anything to get me into bed! There should be laws on the books to charge men who lie about their wealth or education (or etc)!”

    Well now .. you wimminz should be careful what you ask for .. we wouldn’t want EQUAL laws about lying .. would we? (re: Make-Up .. you know .. making ugly wimminz attractive since .. well mud masks.)

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  2. Oh yeah ..

    The first thing I think of when I see these vid’s .. is the LACK of Truth in Advertising ™ ..

    These things should be called .. “Clown Show auditions with (fill in the blank)”.

    We menz should demand the truth .. oh wait .. that might cause sea-sure’s .. so, for the safety of small children and animals .. you wimminz should continue to apply the clown make-up.

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