But What Is Sadder Still Is…

One of the sad truths about the Trump era is that the Republican Party will return to being the Bush party as soon as Trump leaves office. The 2020 election could be a blowout, giving Trump a mandate to push through all sorts of populist projects, as well as giving the GOP a huge majority. Trumpism could become the default position of the base, but the party will immediately begin selling itself as a the kinder, gentler Trumpism as soon as Trump is in the rear-view mirror.

via A New Radicalism — The Z Blog

What we really needed was Trump x 10. Too many people are over-praising Trump for tweeting and “fighting back” when his “victories” will proof all too ephemeral once he leaves office.


3 thoughts on “But What Is Sadder Still Is…

  1. I must respectfully disagree.
    Leadership impacts the culture.
    There is no going back to Bush.
    There will probably never be another Trump either…but it won’t go back to the old status quo.


      • I don’t think so either, but it doesn’t matter.
        His approval rating among Republicans is astronomical, and he is the leader.
        We can see the difference everywhere…he has changed the political landscape, and paradigm.
        Kind of like SWA changed the air travel paradigm.


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