Monday Mirthiness – double feature. — Watts Up With That?

There’s a relatively famous cartoon about climate that gets used on social media a lot, drawn by Joel Pett. You’ll likely recognize it. Josh has given it a “treatment”: In other news:

via Monday Mirthiness – double feature. — Watts Up With That?

Get the whole joke at the link. Nice rejoinder by Josh.

John Gatto Quote

“Schools teach exactly what they are intended to teach and they do it well: how to be a good Egyptian and remain in your place in the pyramid.”
― John Taylor Gatto, Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

Kids being out of publicly funded indoctrination centers is probably the best thing that could happen to them. Have them watch School House Rock and pre- 1980 Sesame Street. They’ll learn 10x as much.

John Gatto said he could give a kid the the equivalent of a K-12 public school education in a 100 hours or less, depending on the kid. I believe him.

I Have Some Problems With The Death Penalty, But Not In This Case

Amazon deliveryman sparks coronavirus scare after deliberately rubbing his saliva all over package

An Amazon delivery driver sparked a Covid-19 scare after he was filmed spitting on a package and rubbing his saliva all over it as he dropped it off.

It’s possible I could be talked down to 50 lashes in the public square. Live-streamed of course. Possible, but not likely.

Maybe, I’m a little curious about what he was “thinking”, but if he did this once, it’s likely he did it more than once. Hope they checked the rest of his deliveries. If anybody else has this recorded at their homes I think summary execution is the least we could be asking for.

This doesn’t even have to be Chinese Virus from Wuhan, China, PRC related. I just don’t want fuck-tards like this around.


Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself Or Die From The Chinese Virus From Wuhan, China Either

For obvious reasons, I don’t talk a lot about current events on a blog called “Vintage Geek Culture.” But there is a truly bizarre connection in this 60s scifi novel to the current case of Jeffrey Epstein, a man who ran a hedge fund surrounded by intelligence agents and trafficked in underage girls in a sex ring, one surrounded by key members of finance and politics.

The author of this novel is former wartime intelligence agent Donald Barr, the father of the current Attorney General, William Barr. As principal of the Hackley Private School in the 1970s, Donald Barr’s day job, Barr was the first to hire Jeffrey Epstein as a math teacher, despite the fact Epstein didn’t have a college degree.

Here is where it gets weirder. The plot of “Space Relations” is that ultra wealthy aliens, debauched and bored and unable to be satisfied by their riches, start to kidnap humans as sex slaves, transporting them into space to be given as illegal playthings of the super rich of the galaxy.

Nothing to see here. Move along, move along.

More Proof Women Don’t Know What Men Find Attractive

Here is a list by some chick who says she enjoys photography:

If you bother to check it out, you’ll see that she goes 1 for 9. Maybe there is a cute girl or two, but mostly it’s “WTF were you thinking?” selections.

There is one, (1) girl who approaches what men would call “beautiful”.


Of course she has a pic on the list where she’s doing a Miley Cyrus, “I’m a complete nutter” impersonation to ruin the scenery.