More Proof Women Don’t Know What Men Find Attractive

Here is a list by some chick who says she enjoys photography:

If you bother to check it out, you’ll see that she goes 1 for 9. Maybe there is a cute girl or two, but mostly it’s “WTF were you thinking?” selections.

There is one, (1) girl who approaches what men would call “beautiful”.


Of course she has a pic on the list where she’s doing a Miley Cyrus, “I’m a complete nutter” impersonation to ruin the scenery.



4 thoughts on “More Proof Women Don’t Know What Men Find Attractive

  1. Well, two of them had long hair, which is very attractive. The rest had either short hair or really short hair, which is unattractive.
    Many of these “beauty” photos were vulgar, either in gesture or with displaying their breasts for all to see. Hardly marriage material. Perhaps useful for the PUA or ONS crowd; I don’t run with those, so cannot say for sure.

    If you are looking for a wife, go to where worthy women can be found. This will probably involve a plane ticket.

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