On The Chinese Virus From Wuhan, China and Wishful Thinking


‘I got probably 20 angry emails’

In case you thought our panic over the coronavirus had displaced other triggers, here’s a reminder that academia continues.

A Brown University economist who specializes in “evidence-based pregnancy and parenting” apologized to readers of her newsletter, which has recently taken up COVID-19 concerns, for unintentionally implying that only heterosexuals get pregnant.

Referring to a new practice in many New York City delivery wards – “no one other than the laboring woman can be there” – Emily Oster (above) wrote Tuesday that “there are safety reasons for this,” citing the threat of “[a]symptomatic or mildly symptomatic people” who enter the premises.

Oster’s original newsletter said: “There are enough [virus] tests to test women in labor, but not their husbands.”

A commenter on the article requested that Oster “examine your presumption of heterosexuality,” to which Oster replied that she had edited the passage and apologized on Twitter: “I’m trying to work quickly and this missed my edit. I am deeply, deeply sorry.”

I’ve seen quite a few blog posts and youtube videos from people I generally consider to have their heads screwed on right suggesting that the Chinese Virus from Wuhan, China, PRC, is going to change everything. Feminism will crumble. Men will be valued again. The U.S. will start making its own stuff again. SJWs will all get ECT and get shocked back into reality. Frankly, I’m disappointed. All these opinions are wildly, insanely optimistic. If the current PTB don’t get strung up  and set dancing from getting us into this, then why would anything change?

3 thoughts on “On The Chinese Virus From Wuhan, China and Wishful Thinking

  1. Nothing changes .. without the leaders of the other side admitting defeat ..

    That will only happen when you kill enough of’em (e.g. WAR).

    We ain’t seen anything close to enuff to change our current course of stupid (by the american commies / fembots / lefties / etc). It probably won’t happen in our lifetimes. So don’t get your hopes up.

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    • Yeah, when I see stuff like, “the American people are going to remember that Pelosi and Schumer played games with the Chinese Virus relief bill”, I keep thinking, “Why not just remember? Why not burn them at the stake NOW? That’s how that problem gets solved.

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      • 15 Trillion has been pumped into the US Economy in the last 6 months ..

        If we had more than 100 men in this country that understood what that actually means .. we’d already done that .. (re: putting their heads on a pike).

        The sheepple stay asleep yet again.

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