6 thoughts on “Daily Rimshot 3-26-2020

  1. Response after seeing first picture: very attractive. Youthful, hair almost long enough.
    Response after scrolling down and seeing second picture: Involuntary facial reaction, displaying the contempt and disappointment I was feeling. Posing naked, for all the world to see, is slutty behaviour to me. And a slut is not attractive to me. But then, even when I was an adolescent, I wanted a wife, not a series of harlots.
    Some might argue the first picture is already indecent, as she is wearing only underwear. My opinion is that she is covering just as much as she would with a swim suit, so I don’t have the same reaction.


      • My “pruddishness”, or more accurately, my desire for her to be able to get married, would prevent me from permitting any daughter to become an underwear or otherwise half-naked model.
        Although since I have no daughter, you could claim it is easy for me to say this, since I don’t have to back my words up with actions…


  2. Dated a girl just like this in college.

    If she hadn’t been catholic I probably would’ve.

    She was 2 inches taller than me tho .. I didn’t mind 👍🏼

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