On The Chinese Virus From Wuhan, China and Wishful Thinking


‘I got probably 20 angry emails’

In case you thought our panic over the coronavirus had displaced other triggers, here’s a reminder that academia continues.

A Brown University economist who specializes in “evidence-based pregnancy and parenting” apologized to readers of her newsletter, which has recently taken up COVID-19 concerns, for unintentionally implying that only heterosexuals get pregnant.

Referring to a new practice in many New York City delivery wards – “no one other than the laboring woman can be there” – Emily Oster (above) wrote Tuesday that “there are safety reasons for this,” citing the threat of “[a]symptomatic or mildly symptomatic people” who enter the premises.

Oster’s original newsletter said: “There are enough [virus] tests to test women in labor, but not their husbands.”

A commenter on the article requested that Oster “examine your presumption of heterosexuality,” to which Oster replied that she had edited the passage and apologized on Twitter: “I’m trying to work quickly and this missed my edit. I am deeply, deeply sorry.”

I’ve seen quite a few blog posts and youtube videos from people I generally consider to have their heads screwed on right suggesting that the Chinese Virus from Wuhan, China, PRC, is going to change everything. Feminism will crumble. Men will be valued again. The U.S. will start making its own stuff again. SJWs will all get ECT and get shocked back into reality. Frankly, I’m disappointed. All these opinions are wildly, insanely optimistic. If the current PTB don’t get strung up  and set dancing from getting us into this, then why would anything change?

The Zman on Overstimulated


Now, the Federal Reserve is not taking these assets against the will of the current holders and then giving them to the rest of us. Instead, they are paying face value for assets that may or may not be worth what is claimed. The plan is to flood the system with cash in order to prevent cash hoarding. Theoretically, this keeps the banks lending and the credit system moving. In a system entirely based on leverage, any interruption in the credit system threatens the life of the system.

This reveals the big lie about modern economics. Small and mid-sized business are exposed to the dangers of the marketplace. If they make a mistake, they pay for it and possibly go under. In the major leagues, where the big boys play, there is no threat from market forces, as the Federal Reserve backstops everything. It is not a marketplace, but rather a highly complex casino, where the house stakes all of the players. Those that lose are simply given a loan from the house to keep playing.

A good example of this is something that started happening last fall, before anyone cared about the Chinese virus. This was back when the Fed mysteriously began to intervene in the repo market. No one had a good answer for why this was happening and the financial media was told not to ask too many questions. It turns out that it was a quiet rescue of hedge funds. They had over-leveraged themselves working a popular skim called the basis trade. The Fed jumped in to save them.

Just as democracy is a farce to conceal who is really calling the shots, free market capitalism is just a show to conceal the reality of the economic system. The response to the panic they have created shows just how little of the economy is actually a marketplace at all. The $6 trillion in stimulus is a quarter of the economy, on top of the mountain of regulations and trillions in normal government spending. In America, the “free market” is a fringe activity reserved for the little people.

It is tempting to think that this reality is some sort of perversion of our ancient economic traditions, but that’s just another pretty lie. In reality, the normal state of things is for the rulers to tightly control the economy of their territory. In was true in the palace economies of the ancient world. It was true throughout the middle ages. It has been true in the modern world since there has been a modern world. Like libertarianism and communism, the free market exists only in the mind.



You Know, Kids Are Expensive, But $30K A Month?

The “Hawkeye” star filed a request on Monday in Los Angeles to lower his child support payments since many of the productions he had lined up this year are “likely canceled or postponed” due to the outbreak, according to court documents obtained by TMZ.

Renner, 49, currently pays his ex, Sonni Pacheco, about $30,000 a month for their 6-year-old daughter Ava’s housing, food, transportation and clothing. He has requested the payments be lowered to $11,000.

However, the actor is also accusing Pacheco, 28, of mismanaging those funds.

“Sonny’s voracious appetite for Jeremy’s money has no end in sight,” Renner’s attorney said, per TMZ.

Sorry, but WTF was he thinking? Oh, that’s right. He was fucking a hot 21 yo who was probably crazy good in bed. They were married for 10 months, but she got her golden ticket when the kid was born.

Why don’t these rich guys just call in some favors and have these judges sent on permanent “under-ground location scouting” trips.

Stars–they’re just like us! They can’t sing! They look terrible without makeup! They don’t comb their hair! They think John Lennon is still a thing! — Stupid Girl

Stars–they’re just like us! They can’t sing! They look terrible without makeup! They wear ratty clothes! They sometimes don’t comb their hair! They buy too much house! They put their feet on the sofa! They think John Lennon is still a thing! They group-record–and the outcome looks like a candidate for America’s Funniest Home Videos! […]

via Stars–they’re just like us! They can’t sing! They look terrible without makeup! They don’t comb their hair! They think John Lennon is still a thing! — Stupid Girl

I didn’t recognize Gal Gadot without her face on. And what happened to her hair. It’s so thin? It’s kinda looking like her new WW movie is gonna suck. I “wonder” if she’s trying to increase her virtue stats to offset her incoming box-office devaluation.


Is It Real Or Is It Memorex?

Over at Pirate’s Cove, Teach has a couple of recent pics up.


Now, I’m gonna say that the first one looks like it’s had a LOT of “touching up” done on it, along with fake boobs on the girl. Second pic just looks 10x more “real”. Also second girl has MUCH prettier face. First girl is hiding hers behind the sunglasses.

I’m going with Option 2.

I declare my support for gender equality — The Irish Savant

I notice that in the endless incessant wall-to-wall coverage of Covid-19 one significant fact barely gets a mention. That the number of male victims is much higher than that of females. Where’s gender equality when you need it? Which leads me to suggest that maybe we should follow gender equality principles to their logical conclusion.…

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College Professors Worried That People Will Find Out What They Are Teaching


Texas Christian University Associate Professor of Political Science Emily Farris tweeted Thursday, “if you are recording a lecture on anything controversial, be prepared for right wing sites to ask students to share it.” Campus Reform reached out to Farris via Twitter Direct Messaging to allow her the opportunity to further explain her comments or to clarify. She later blocked the author of this article on Twitter.

That would seem to be an irrational fear for people who are only interested in the search for Truth! and the advancement of Science!