Top Of The World, Ma!



To lead off Pirates Cove has posted his 800th Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup Post! He is like the Babe Ruth of Blogging!!

Whores and Ale leads off with WINGS

Knuckledraggin has the story of a man named Browning

Feral Irishman wants to know how the Bat Flu is affecting us

The Lid has more on Senile Joe’s descent into,well…………

Theo Spark has TOONS!

The Other McCain looks at 3M vs Trump

The Last Tradition covers MSNBS so you don’t have to

Sonoran Conservative notes that AOC is still a moron

Red Pill Jew has some FIRE!

Proof Positive ponders what Gov. Cuomo is hiding

Political Clown Parade has some gut busters

Pacific Pundit notes that someone REALLY hates America

Moonbattery notes that yes, it CAN happen here

Mike McDaniel? AWESOME!

Diogenes has the Blues

Bob Belvedere reminds us that it is our Constitution that matters most

90 Miles has some ironic irony

Zendo Deb notes that yes, self-defense IS a right

Many thanks to The Daley Gator for the linkage!

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