Anarcho-Tyranny Case #6789

New Jersey’s Fascist Liberal Governor Phil Murphy: I Wasn’t Thinking About the Bill of Rights When I Ordered Churchgoers to Be Arrested En Masse

Full video here. As Tucker presses him on what legal authority he has to overrule the Bill of Rights, Phil Murphy keeps saying “science.”

But then, it turns out he’s also unable to answer very, very basic questions about the “science” he’s citing as his authority to repeal the Constitution.

He also can’t explain what “science” says that it’s safe for people to be in close contact in a liquor store, but not in a synogogue. (sigh)

Liberal Democrats always want to appear “tough,” especially because they are notoriously weak on crime and foreign policy. Given that they never crack down on crime or foreign enemies, that leaves one group left to target for “tough” handling: law-abiding American citizens and, increasingly, churchgoers.

Why not crack down on criminals? Because criminals aren’t are a threat to them, but citizens are.

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