Sorrows Accumulate

It’s been said, here at least, that when someone uses the term “emotional labour” unironically, the person doing the mouthing is most likely a bit of a nightmare. Say, the kind of woman who complains about the “emotional labour” of hiring a domestic cleaner. Or the kind who bitches about her husband and his shortcomings in the pages of a national magazine, where friends and colleagues of said husband, and perhaps his own children, can read on with amusement.

“Then I tried to gingerly explain the concept of emotional labour… Delegating work to other people, i.e. telling him to do something he should instinctively know to do, is exhausting. I tried to tell him that I noticed the box [of gift wrap] at least 20 times over the past two days. He had noticed it only when I was heaving it onto the top shelf instead of asking for help. The whole explanation took a lot of restraint.”

“Even having a conversation about the imbalance of emotional labour becomes emotional labour.”

Ah. Now there’s a thought worth pondering, perhaps at length. Instead of, say, rushing to doctrinaire posturing and self-flattering excuses.

“Yet I find myself worrying about how the mental load bore almost exclusively by women translates into a deep gender inequality.”

Never mind.

Never mind. 🙂

Really, read the whole thing.

I’m not sure if this is more of a “Bitches Be Crazy” or a “Shut up, bitch” scenario. Bit of both, maybe? Yeah, let’s go with “bit of both”.

2 thoughts on “Sorrows Accumulate

    • No, it’s not just whining. This is how many of them think because this is how they’ve been trained to think.

      “It’s exhausting to even hire someone to clean my house.”

      “He should just know.”

      “Talking about emotional labor is emotional labor, which is exhausting, because he should just know.”

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