Oh, right, Fascists want to Fascist

Are you enjoying your Modern Socialism test drive, people? Port Deposit business owner facing charges for Sunday crowds Maryland State Police from the North East barrack have sent information to the Cecil County State’s Attorney’s Office for possible prosecution of Lee’s Landing Dock Bar for alleged violation of the Maryland COVID-19 regulations. However the owner…

via How Many Cops Are Needed For A Non-Lockdown Compliant Restaurant? 15 — Pirate’s Cove

Carey said Maryland State Police were joined by Cecil County Sheriff’s Deputies, Maryland Transportation Authority and Perryville police. According to Carey when police arrived they found his staff taking orders and handing those orders — in plastic bags that were tied shut –over to customers. Customers were in measured lines with proper spacing and staff wore masks and other protective gear.

What fun is there in having the power to needlessly harass people if you’re not going to abuse it?

Does anyone really think that the police DON’T want a police-state?

5 thoughts on “Oh, right, Fascists want to Fascist

  1. The first order of business in a bugaloo is whack all da piggies & their enablers.

    Second order of biz is whack all the poly-ticians and academics.

    Then repel the hordes of zombies (eg criminal proles let outta jail) until we arrive back to a civil society not bent on taking my liberty.

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  2. Paid policemen have only been in existence for a couple of centuries

    Generally I would agree that it is better for each man to protect his own family. Then the government has very limited ability to interfere with his family (e.g. forced schooling for 10 years with indoctrination, vaccines, interfering with discipline, etc.)

    But, I think that the army would have previously performed some of the functions we now associate with the police. For example, we see in the Bible that in the Roman empire, soldiers were involved in the execution of prisoners. The Bible also shows the history that soldiers were involved with taking Paul, as a prisoner, to Rome.


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