Nuke Detroit Now!!!

Don’t expect too much media coverage of this.The culprit behind the horrific beating of an elderly man at a nursing home in Detroit made a YouTube video in which he asserted that “black people are supposed to rule the earth.”Footage emerged yesterday of a man later identified as 20-year-old Jadon Hayden beating up a defenseless…

via Nursing Home Abuser Made Video Asserting “Black People are Supposed to Rule the Earth” — 90 Miles From Tyranny


Seriously, if this guy isn’t dead by Sunday, drop the bomb. Maybe two or three, just to be certain.

2 thoughts on “Nuke Detroit Now!!!

  1. First .. this disgusting.

    Second .. this dumbazz filmed it and then uploaded it for everyone to see.

    Third .. nothing happens to these vibrants .. so I expect nothing here as well ..

    Fourth .. if he ever takes up jogging .. I’ll be sure to turn off my dash-cam and avoid posting anything on social media.

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