Moonbat vs. Moore’s Planet of the Humans

Guest essay by Eric Worrall As Michael Moore extends free viewing time for his blockbuster “Planet of the Humans” for another month, George Monbiot has launched a savage attack against Moore’s film, accusing Moore of perpetuating racist colonialist tropes. Some Monbiot quotes; “The only concrete proposal in your film was that there should be a…

via Monbiot vs Moore: “You Provided Us with No Solutions” to Climate Change — Watts Up With That?

Planet of the Humans wasn’t about providing solutions, it was about de-bunking the bullshit solutions that the Green Energy Industry has been foisting on the public (with huge support from corrupt gov. officials) for years. Moonbat is a straw man with shit for brains.

Watch the movie for yourself for free on youtube.

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