United Nations Claims It’s Politically Incorrect to Say “Husband” or “Wife” — 90 Miles From Tyranny

Urges people to stop saying “boyfriend” & “girlfriend” in order to “create a more equal world.”The United Nations has put out a tweet asserting that people shouldn’t use politically incorrect terms like “boyfriend,” “girlfriend,” “husband” and “wife” in order to “help create a more equal world.”“What you say matters. Help create a more equal world…

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No country of any moral standing would abide having this bullshit organization headquartered inside their borders.


Sorry Joker, But She’s Full of It

Yeah, she’s full of shit. She knows she’s full of shit, but I don’t think she knows how completely full of shit she actually is, meaning that she thinks she can step out of the outhouse whenever she wants. Nope, she’s locked in.

First she says they’re both penniless, then she says they spent thousands of dollars on marriage counseling? Then she’s spending money on personal therapy after the divorce? Where is the money coming from?

She felt trapped? They were separated! He was living in another fucking state! She’s totally loony!

Frankly, Joker seems like he’s getting a little more purple pill week-by-week. He’s making too many excuses for this crazy, tatted-up kook. And he completely believes everything she says without any evidence.

The Dead Hate The Living!!!


Just ask them!

FOX NEWS – Los Angeles County will likely continue its stay-at-home order through the summer, officials said Tuesday, as the coronavirus wreaks havoc on the economy and patience continues to wear thin for some calling for the state to reopen and for normal life to resume.

County Public Health Director Barabara Ferrer said the order will be extended “with all certainty” at the Board of Supervisors meeting, possibly until July or August, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Lady writers — SovietMen

Breathtakingly cheeky book review of several books I have mostly not finished, including To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, and Tirra Lirra by Jessica Anderson. I looked at several ‘greatest books’ compilations in order to get a stack of stuff to read in YouTubeLess Africa, and Virginia Woolf’s name […]

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I actually read the first sparkly vampire book and I kept waiting for it to turn into the story that sold 100 million copies, but it never did. Guess I know why now.


I switched the picture for obvious reasons.

Wilma Had It Coming To Her – Should Have Stayed With Fred

A 23-year-old Iraqi has been charged with the murder of Swedish girl Wilma Andersson after the head of the 17-year-old was discovered in the migrant’s apartment.The teen had gone missing on November 14th 2019, triggering an investigation involving 5,000 officers and volunteers. Investigators found her partial remains in the apartment of Iraqi-born Tishko S. on…

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Muslim boyfriends, doing the job of chopping the heads off Swedish girls that Swedish boys refuse to do.