Fighting on Twitter Isn’t Actually Fighting, Y’ Know

Worse yet, they will insist that these left-wing platforms are vital ground. We have to exhaust ourselves fighting to get on these platforms. Of course, that just means a steady supply of people ready to play the role of the damned in the next morality play.

The proper response to all of this is to simply leave these platforms. The argument is that these platforms are the public square, but that’s not true. No one goes on Twitter to have their mind changed about anything. People go on Twitter to have their opinions confirmed by people they already like. The same is true of YouTube. If you really enjoy Moly’s performances, you can always go to his site. This is how it worked up until about ten years ago. It’s how this site works.

A little while back in the comments on one of Zman’s posts I asked, “Should our side even be on social media if there is nothing for us to win?” The response was of course, “Yes, we must be there to fight for our side!” Fight? Squabbling on Twitter or Facebook with nut-jobs isn’t fighting, and there isn’t any “winning” to be had as Z notes. Trumps tweets have accomplished absolutely nothing for us, though they sure as hell make great fuel for the other side.



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