When Will Disney Learn? Never.


  • Australian actress Margot Robbie will star in an all-female spin-off movie of the hugely successful Disney franchise Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Pirates of the Caribbean has been one of the most financially successful franchises of all-time, grossing over $4.5bn over five separate movies
  • However, the last of the Depp-fronted movies, with 2017’s Dead Men Tell No Tales, was  seen as a box-office disappointment, taking in $795m worldwide

If you thought that $795 million was a disappointment, wait ’til you get a load of this flop.

The Australian actress is reuniting with her Birds of Prey writer Christina Hodson for the female-fronted movie, that is thought to have Robbie, 29, front and center, instead of Johnny Depp’s iconic character Captain Jack Sparrow.

Holy WTF, Batman! You’re going with the team-up whose U.S. box office didn’t earn back its production budget outlay, and went on to a measly $202 million world-wide box office? This movie may possibly hav broken even at best, and most likely lost money after all expenses are accounted for.

BTW, does anyone not think that Robbie has already hit her sell-by date?

There’s been some b.s. floating around about some super-secret 11-d chess being played out to save Disney Star Wars from Darth Kathleen, but those sad sacks don’t realize that Star Wars is dead, dead, dead. Disney Pirates is dead as well, and no amount voodoo is gonna bring it back from the other side.

Geez Disney, Do What You Want, But Just Stop Lying…

Remember when I mentioned on June 11th that the #CancelCulture nutters were coming after Disney’s Splash Mountain, because it “is based on the 1946 movie “Song of the South” that critics say is one of Disney’s most racist films.” Not that the kids who ride it know or care, they just want to be entertained…

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I dare you to name a character from that “all-time favorite” movie off the top of your head. Or let’s hear a verse from your favorite song from the movie. Look, they can do whatever they want with their parks and their rides, but don’t lie to our faces about box office flops being gonzo hits. Monsters U. is Disneys 10th most profitable movie with a $744 million world-wide box office take. Princess and Frog took in ~$210 million world-wide on a budget of $105 million, which the usual Hollywood math would put down as flop as marketing was probably around $50-100 million. For comparison, Beauty and the Beast ($425 million), Aladdin ($504 million) and The Lion King ($987.5 million). Hell I can’t believe Aladdin only made $504 million. Aladdin was HUGE. I bet they lied to Robin Williams about the money as well as a bunch of other shit.

When The Idiot Board Hires A Marxist As CEO

______ is going to become a more diverse and inclusive community and one that will always keep racial and social justice and equality at the forefront. _____ is a national leader in ________ of great moral and ethical character, so if we are not urgently responding to this movement, then we are failing in our responsibility to develop leaders. This work is going to be hard, and it’s going to take courage, but together we will achieve great things.

Wow, just wow.

After making another disappointing leadership decision earlier for another extremely important position, it’s coming down to asking myself, “What, if any, other options exist?”. At least we might be able to leave town a few years earlier than planned is all the silver lining I can find right now.

Bros Before Hoes


Follow-up from a post from yesterday.

Here’s a problem, recently Jess and I ran into a guy at a small get-together with mutual friends. They exchanged a weird look like there was something between them but I didn’t think too much of it at the time. During the party something came up about the place Jess went to for a date (the time was clear since it was a Christmas market in my town) and again I thought something was off about the guy. Well later that night I actually get a text from him (he got my number from one of the mutual friends), but said “hey I don’t know you but I thought you should know that Jess and I hooked up right after Christmas.”

I confronted Jess about this and I could tell she tensed up right away. She got this sad look on her face, but confessed right away. She said she had met this guy on Tinder and hooked up a couple of times but stopped any contact before we became official. She said she wasn’t sure we would get into a relationship at that time but she still felt bad that I found out this way. She said she considered telling me but was afraid it would ruin things between us.

So, the random guy whose cock Jess was sucking while she was stringing her “boyfriend” along cared enough to let the guy know his “girlfriend” was a ho. That’s a good dude in my book, and it kind of goes back to my question about why you’d get mad at the guy your girlfriend or wife is cheating on you with, I mean as long as its not someone who should be loyal to you first. Rando wasn’t really his bro, but he acted like one. This guy needs to buy Rando at least a couple of beers for saving him a lot of trouble later on.


She said she considered telling me but was afraid it would ruin things between us.

“You okay with me fucking random dudes from the internet while I make you buy me dinner and take me places with no ROI?”

The 90 Miles Mystery Box: Episode #1027 — 90 Miles From Tyranny

You have come across a mystery box. But what is inside? It could be literally anything from the serene to the horrific, from the beautiful to the repugnant, from the mysterious to the familiar.If you decide to open it, you could be disappointed, you could be inspired, you could be appalled. This is not for the faint of heart or…

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I like this one too.