Frustration Intensifies

It’s Easy to Lose Your Job and Reputation In a Time of PC Hysteria

I thought it was sad that she lost her job for a private opinion and because her figure of speech was taken literally, but there is the consolatory thought that she obviously would not feel a bit sorry if the shoe were on the other foot, and some opponent of her Racialist Agitation had his career carpet-bombed due to some social media indiscretion. On the contrary, I have every expectation that she would gloat.

Wow, just wow. I’ve now seen several people, supposedly on our side, say shit like this. Why do they feel the need to defend or feel sorry for this sack of crap? Because idiots, that’s why.

Also, I’m pretty sure posting your ideas on TikTok means they can no longer be considered private opinions. Nobody stole her diary and started reading out juicy bits in front of a camera, dumbass.

Also, also. Hysterical women weeping into their phones and using phrases like “Imma stab them and watch them bleed out” are not known for using completely hypothetical “figures of speech”.

5 thoughts on “Frustration Intensifies

      • She’s even more “psycho” [sic] if she didn’t have a job to be fired from ..

        Her and mat-ress girl would make a great couple ..

        Kinda like a “sweet and tangy soy glaze dipping sauce” .. bwhaaaaaa

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