Isn’t It Just AWFL

“AWFL” is an acronym coined by Ian Miles Cheong — it stands for Affluent White Female Liberal, and it’s pronounced just as you’d like to pronounce it. Here we see her kind in the wild as she seeks sympathy and Twitter Validation for incurring sleep deprivation, due to her new hobby of screaming obscenities at…

via AWFL Protester: I’m Not Saying That Black Lives Matter Is All About Me and My White Savoir Complex, But……. — Diogenes’ Middle Finger

Gotta say though, that pig-faced warbeast don’t look none too affluent to me. Looks like she eats off the dollar menu, and that’s when she can afford to, which isn’t often. Does Hardees take food stamps?

3 thoughts on “Isn’t It Just AWFL

  1. She “heard George call mama” and came running ..

    Please .. for the love of humanity .. stop asking the homeless and drug induced hippies for interviews ..

    And stop paying them to be actors in your bad home movies (even if it’s from the dollar value menu) .. it’s getting tiresome.

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