9 thoughts on “Teach Your Sons To Be Better Than This Loser

  1. FUCK! Those 2 rando girls are NOT his responsibility lol, such a reckless thing to do he could have been killed. Best case scenario he gets to feel good about himself? Its not like he gets to take those 2 girls home as concubines. They are the ones out at 3am – its their problem.

    “She is honestly everything I ever wanted” as soon as I read that I knew we were in trouble boys….

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    • Yep, he got a punctured lung and probably some life-long health issues from his failure to make a good decision here.

      Also, he finds out that his girlfriend is completely batshit crazy and drops him like a rock, yet he still wants to marry her. He’s delusional.

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      • “Sarah. With tears in her eyes, eye bags, frizzy hair,looking like a total mess”

        If it was something more like: “Sarah, with a low cut top on (no bra) and a big smile on her face.”

        Then I’d be a LOT more open to negotiate the terms of her re entering my life!

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