Why The Hell Would He Risk It?

This guy is getting everything he wants and on his own terms. Why the fuck should he risk everything? Because she wants it? Fuck her. Next. He’s living the dream and as long as he doesn’t fuck it up, he can keep living the dream.  Marriage would be the worst thing that could happen to him.

5 thoughts on “Why The Hell Would He Risk It?

  1. Women don’t understand cause and effect.

    She is putting out so why bother with marriage.

    You tell women “stop sleeping with men outside of marriage” = you are a misogynist

    But when girls give it up outside of marriage men lose interest in marriage and then wahmen wah about men not marrying them anymore.


  2. My advice to any young man is to make your bones and don’t get married. Once you have money and want to settle down, get an airtight prenup. Marriage is a losing proposition for me .

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