Awful News For AWFLs


Ha, ha, bitches.

Does anyone seriously believe these chicks aren’t protesting “racism”, wearing BLM t-shirts and hoodies, preaching “white fragility” and praying to St. Floyd thrice daily when they’re not doing interviews to whine about their own victimhood status? Sucks when its your own ox being gored, don’t it, sloots. AWFLs, no matter how young, getting hoist by their own petards, is a great thing to see as far as I’m concerned.

3 thoughts on “Awful News For AWFLs

  1. At least they can (now) see where their hijacking of Title IX has gotten’em .. (one good hi-jacking deserves another) ..

    And everyone loves a good “Ox Goring” .. it’s a great spec-tickle.

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      • They do get it .. the problem is ..

        They don’t care until it effects them .. otherwise they are just a poor lil gitl that doesn’t understand ..

        They frow-up quick when their golden goose is slaughtered ..

        Though they still take no responsibility ..

        Which is the rub ..

        These BISHES are exactly why you shouldn’t be to big to fail ..

        Let’em com-pete with men if they want menz compensation .. fawk’em .. you wanted equality BISH .. it’s coming .. open wide .. bwhaaaaaaa

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