7 thoughts on “She May Look Clean… — 90 Miles From Tyranny

      • My manly take is this ..

        A (non-felon) tax paying (not a mooch) land owner should have as many votes as mouths he feeds ..

        For example (e.g.) a wife and 3 kids would net him 5 total votes.

        Done .. easy peazy lemon squezzzy .. 👍🏼


      • He’s earned it .. if he’s paying for them ..

        Soon you’ll be begging for relief when the felon’s and illegal’s become legit voters!

        It’s coming brother.


      • He didn’t earn more votes than me if I pay the same in taxes.

        Its either one man one vote or just fuck voting. How votes do Gates and Bezos get if they just “adopt” 10,000 kids each?

        Its already bad enough that Soros can basically put anybody he wants into most state or local offices.

        Felons and illegals are a completely different subject.

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      • Whelp ..

        You’ve narrowed down your choices ..

        Because we can either ..

        a) believe that land & material goods are the only forms of property ..

        or ..

        b) you except humans can property ..

        Either way the only voters in my books are ..

        1) Citizens of the USofA that pay taxes (I doubt either Gates or Bezos pays taxes .. seriously how dumb do you think they are .. don’t answer that question) .. 2) own land .. and 3) aren’t felons.

        I’d go for wife and legit dependents .. and I don’t have either.


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