Worst Day of Your Life Stories

It may not feel like, but it’s true. Every day eventually comes to an end.

Mogadishu Matt

I was sitting in the parking lot of a largely disused military base that has seen its better years. We had left a vehicle overnight there.

We opened a door to the passenger side door and a mouse was sitting in the footwell. It was mildly cool the following night. The mouse was shivering and we shoved him into a warmer area in the parking lot to warm up.

Someone might have said “this might be the worst day of his life”. The mouse didnt seem to recover.

I had thought of my strange story comparable to my worst day.

It was 2001, during one of the Florida’s perpetual summers. I had decided to hit the road on “Bethany”, one of the most cursed Harley Davidsons ever made. I made it to one of my favorite expressways and subsequently hit my brake in a panic. I aimed for a patch…

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