Tomi Lahren, ladies…welcome to the #metoo of hypergamy. — redpilldad

I did a bad thing. I’d seen people on Twitter reference the rant about men by Tomi Lahren the past few days and to my credit, resisted watching it… Until, after dropping my son off at his mom’s yesterday. Not smart, as I imagine any man will be triggered by the usual “all men bad” […]

via Tomi Lahren, ladies…welcome to the #metoo of hypergamy. — redpilldad

I agree with 95% of his take.

  1. Top men don’t have to commit.
  2. Being pretty and having a pussy isn’t enough to get top men to commit. Top men can have all the pretty pussy they want, so you’re not special to them.
  3. Women’s money and status don’t mean shit to most men, but especially top men.

Now I don’t agree that Tommi is really that hot, but that’s just my subjective opinion. She might be able to bag a decent meal-ticket (and then divorce him), but not a real top man.

6 thoughts on “Tomi Lahren, ladies…welcome to the #metoo of hypergamy. — redpilldad

  1. The problem is the delusion of these wimminz ..

    Just because a top tier dude fooks ya’ doesn’t mean you are top tier gal ..

    It just means they were willing to fook ya’.

    He went slummin’ and you thought you were all that (i.e. top tier material).

    You got dropped like a used condom and now everyone knows .. kinda sad .. hope it was worth it sweet cheeks.

    Exhibit A ..

    No sweet cheeks .. he fooked you .. you wimminz are so delusional.

    This tart was banned from the bar she got picked up at .. and dis-owned for her slootery .. and now everyone knows your worth .. aka “cum-dumpster”.

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      • Women value “status” more than anything. For this loser girl to brag about banging a NFL football player, even if she gets pumped ‘n dumped on the spot, it does not matter.

        This is likely one of the top memories of her life. You all remember when Heartiste shagged some woman who once was one of the many women bangin’ a member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers? She would brag to him for years, over 15 years later, even though she had since then married a “good man” and had kids iwth him (later divorced). Her claim to fame was banging that gutarist.

        She will be bragging about banging a player in the NFL for years even after she gets married (if perish-forbid she meets a patsy who wifes her up).

        Women today have no shame, if it means they will get 5 minutes of infamy online.

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