6 thoughts on “Morning Mistress — 90 Miles From Tyranny

    • Yup. The American(tm) and Canadian(tm) models have some design flaws, and as a result pretty-much the entire runs are defective.
      I cannot make long-term promises about the Eastern European model, but so far results are very good and pleasing.

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      • Learn a new language: Probably not necessary. Translators are cheap, and if you both are willing to wait a bit, you can have the other person type into an internet translation website and then read the translation.

        Firmware/Hardware degrading upon arrival in our scum-infested culture: I told my wife several times things along the lines of “if I wanted a bad wife, I could have just married a woman from my home city”. So she knows that the typical women that she sees are not acceptable. This probably helps her to have good attitudes/priorities with respect to her “firmware”. Although she already had superior firmware when we met, so maybe I should not try to take credit for her good character.

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