What Center Is There To “Hold”


The classic method of unifying a nation facing powerful, even existential external threats, is ruling from the center. That is what the 1940 British coalition government against Nazi Germany or even Lenin’s desperate New Economic Policy attempted to do to face the crises of their day. That is precisely what the U.S. political system can’t seem to do.


Where is the “center”, politically speaking, these days? Normal people really don’t want anything to do with either the “Conservatives”, who’ve shown they don’t have any real interest in protecting the interests of normal people, or the Left, who’ve shown that they are literally bat-shit insane.

Citizens are to get $600 checks while billions and billions of dollars are going overseas? An increase in H-1B visas for more foreigners to come to the U.S. to take jobs from and lower wages for citizens? And both parties are super-okay with this package?

So, one again, where is the “center”?

7 thoughts on “What Center Is There To “Hold”

  1. We can’t say “conservatives” because .. 1) they conserve nothing but left wing policies and 2) the media is at war with the term.

    They are calling Biden a “centrist” currently. They called Bush / Chaney “ultra-conservatives” .. when in fact they were ultra progressives.

    So .. the center is owned by the MSM’s ideal of a centrist and therefore conservatives.

    That being the case .. I’m a radical (to the MSM and the US Government) .. but .. otherwise known as a deplorable.

    The Conservatives of today are so far left of JFK Dem’s of yester-year .. it would impossible to come to a common placement on a political scale that we could all agree on.

    Summary .. we’ve let our enemies define us to the point of a-band-in-mint of the term altogether.

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  2. I am guessing that Trump will either not try everything to retain power, or that he will fail if he does.
    What America needs, and the world too, is for Trump to publicly name a group of about 10 people that have his endorsement to start a MAGA party. Or, America First party.
    The list of principles would be short, stuff that most (not all) of the non-welfare recipients citizens would agree with.
    – limit all forms of government welfare, including WIC, food stamps, free MediCare for the homeless/women/refugees/whoever, foreign aid, to less than 5% of the federal budget. The amount for foreign aid and refugees would be capped at no more than 33% of the program total. These amounts must include the salaries of the bureaucrats administering the program. Better yet, spin this off to an arms-length organization, so those people are in a different union and do not have rights to the government pension plan.
    – no new government regulations unless five existing ones are removed.
    – make it illegal for the banks and the Federal Reserve bank to create US currency. The US government will start creating their own currency, and will have control over it. No fractional reserve lending by banks. This will cause a brief recession (3 months?) while businesses and consumers adapt to spending what they have, rather than spending next month’s paycheque via credit card debt. The purpose of this is to get control of your own economy, and to stop paying a dividend to the FedReserve shareholders, for all outstanding US currency; this is so stupid.
    – make it illegal for any state to allow voting in any election, where ID is not presented and verified against the person’s face, or the address is not checked to be in the relevant state/area, or where the ballot ever leaves the precinct unless the recipient is a government-registered disabled person. Yes, this would require state electors, since the states control the voting.
    – 0 refugees admitted. The US is not a trash-heap for the world. Either you can qualify as a desirable, skilled worker or a family member, or get lost.
    – Only desirable, skilled workers, or family members, are allowed to immigrate.
    For skilled workers: It will be illegal for preference to be given based on anything other than merit in a job field where the US currently needs workers. If you are a homosexual, tran-gendered, black, oppressed minority, too bad; you get no special treatment. Either you can work a job where we need workers, or get lost.
    For family members: Only spouses, immediate children, and immediate parents may immigrate. Those family members will never qualify for US citizenship or for state/federal aid. They must work or be provided for by the US citizen who sponsored them. And if the US citizen who sponsored them later says the spouse left him/her, then the immigrant family members have their work visas revoked and are ordered to leave the country within 14 days; only children born on US soil may stay. No “green-card” marriages, bitch.
    – No “archor” babies. If you crossed the border illegally, you and any children you then bear are thrown out of the country. The US is not a trash-heap for the world.
    – All schools are to be 100% funded only by student vouchers. If you have no students, you get no funding. If parents pull most of the students from your piss-poor school, then the school’s budget drops proportionately. Parents are empowered to choose, or create, the school they want, provided it follows the required state curriculum. (Schools should actually not be required, especially for women, since this requirement is a violation of the father’s authority over his own house, but good luck getting that through the feminist electorate.)
    – No one can be ordered to pay child support beyond the housing, food and school costs directly attributable to the children. The payer is to have to right to claim primary custody, unless he has been convicted of a crime related to his children. (I can dream… but this likely would not get through either.)
    – No alimony beyond five years, plus half of the retirement savings or assets accumulated during the marriage. (This should be zero, but again, reality…)
    – All media platforms are subject to be shut-down if there are three successful suits within a 24 month period, for the media suppressing/shaping political or economic views. The media used to be fairly neutral; this needs to return.

    So, who wants to donate to the above party? I don’t even live in the US, but I’ll throw in $500 to Trump’s new party you it has most of the above.


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