What Lies Beneath …


See how this chick has basically one expression. She lost all the weight after “overcoming” her problems with depression/mental illness.

“Weight was never a struggle for me when I was growing up. I didn’t think about what I ate, and I was always on the smaller side in terms of body size. However, all of that changed when I got to college. On the outside it looked like I was having a great time in school, I was going out a lot and I had a ton of friends. But in reality, I experienced a lot of inner pain.”

“It was a very dark period of time for me. I began to have issues with depression and anxiety, both of which caused me to use food as an emotional outlet, and because of this, I gained weight.”

What was the cause if the inner pain? How was it resolved? The evidence that she is only able to conjure one expression on her face makes me think there is still a ghost or two in that haunted house.


One more pic just because, Damn!


But, still wouldn’t chance it.



If you watch the video:

(weird her outfit looks blue in the thumbnail and black in the video)

Apparently many people people in the comments thought it was a good talk, but I think the odds are pretty high that you’ll come away thinking the same thing I did: WTF was her point again?

That only pretty girls get to be models? No shit, Miss Holmes. Well, at least that was true back in 2012. All the fat/tranny/beasty stuff they push now about virtual signaling and has nothing to do with marketing products.

Pretty people have it easier than ugly people? Wow, that is news.

That it’s mostly white people who are famous and rich in mostly white societies? I guess they don’t have math tutors on photo shoot sets like they do for kids on TV shows.

It’s weird how she doesn’t say anything about how the fashion industry is dominated by women and homosexuals. Or about how under-age girls are sexually abused or plied with drugs and alcohol.

Even way back in 2012 (Obama is president, remember) ends with some garbage about gender and race oppression. Gender oppression? Wait, where the hell did that come from?

She mumbles something about images being powerful at one point.

Oh, by the way sweetie, you putting on a skirt and sweater after coming out in a little black dress didn’t change what anyone thought about you one little bit.

Criminy, TED talks are almost all complete garbage aren’t they.

Maybe Pick a Movie You’ve Actually Seen To Write About…


The above paragraph describes two films: The Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1984 science fiction classic, and The Queen’s Gambit, a new series on Netflix. Both deal with an icy character who travels into the past to try and prevent things that will happen in the future. In The Terminator, Arnold, a robot called the T-1000, lands in 1980s America from the future to prevent the birth of John Connor, the man who would successfully wage battle on the approaching dystopia of rule by machines. In The Queen’s Gambit, the producers have created a fictitious mid-century America where a robot-like female chess prodigy named Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy) annihilates the male opposition. The Queen’s Gambit is a feminist fantasy, with Beth a woman who forces Cold War America to become woke sooner than it is ready. An orphan who often seems more cyborg than human, Beth arrives in Mad Men America to decimate the patriarchy. She’s Arnold with a chess clock instead of a blaster.

I believe it is customary to refer to the movie as “belonging” to the director and not the star. James Cameron’s The Terminator, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold played a Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 version of the robotic assassin. The T-1000 model was depicted in a later movie by another actor. Arnold used off the shelf firearms (one of the most famous scenes) or ones he took from the cops. There were no blasters.

When Sarah Connor in The Terminator is shown blowing orders and dropping plates as a waitress, we instantly like her, because we’ve all been there before. 

Sarah doesn’t “blow orders” or drop plates that I recall, though there are some regular mishaps of working in a diner portrayed. I don’t think I ever really “liked” Sarah in the original, though I agree her character did grow and become more competent. I definitely didn’t like her in the sequels.

“Girl plays chess” TV show is not something I’m ever going to watch. I did sit through a movie about an African girl who played chess well enough to get noticed. Meh.

“Attractive girl plays chess naked” might get me to watch one episode. Or get me to fast forward to the naked part at least.

AMA Lied – How Many Died? — 90 Miles From Tyranny

The American Medical Association has been adamantly against hydroxychloroquine as a therapeutic for COVID for the past year. Just a few days before the presidential election they reversed course, reversing their opposition. Did they suddenly realize HCQ might have benefit in certain patient groups or were they lying for the past year? How many individuals…

AMA Lied – How Many Died? — 90 Miles From Tyranny

I am in healthcare. This medication has literally been taken by people all over the world BILLIONS of times. for DECADES. Now, would you have take that or a vaccine, whipped up out of nowhere, with new tech, not scientifically tested with any actual rigor, that doesn’t actually provide any immunity or prevent transmission of the disease, and you still have to wear a mask and social distance?