Wait, You Can Play The Stock Market Game On A MacBook?

Just like he has on the video, this post is NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. In fact I still don’t understand how it’s legally possible to short sell 140% of a company’s available shares.

Also, you shouldn’t take financial advice from a guy who begs for gas money on the internet so he can drive to his next “reporting” gig.


Umm, if brokerages actually stop their customers from legally buying stocks on the supposedly open market in order to protect other private entities from suffering losses, including losses from “how the fuck is that legal” market manipulation, that is the very definition of a “rigged” system.

Apple Will Now Build Its Products That Spy On You In Vietnam

Over the last few years, Apple has been moving some of its production away from China to places like India and Vietnam. Now a second report claims that Apple will for the first time, move iPad production out of China to Vietnam and that it will be a “significant number of devices.”

Oh, goody.

Huh, WP preview doesn’t match production view. Again.

You Should Not Drink And Kaiju

So, you are either a Kaiju movie fan or you’re not. Most Godzilla films of the 60’s and 70’s are straight up kiddie flicks, and fans know this. Kaiju fans know that most of their genre’s movies are not very good or even good films as far as general film-making goes, but that’s not why they’re giant monster movie fans. Drinker doesn’t really seem to get that, though he does says this the biggest question is whether the movie will be fun. You don’t need 8 minutes to make that point.

The recent Godzilla movies (this decade) have both failed to be enjoyable, but for different reasons. The first was mostly boring with not nearly enough monster action. The second had plenty of monsters, but the human element story was so fucking stupid it knocked viewers out of the experience. Wait, the mom joined a bunch of eco-terrorists who then kill all the people she was working with day-in-day-out to save the planet from too many people being around? W-T-F? That’s the second required element for a decent kaiju film. The story can’t be so non-sensical/terrible that people can’t enjoy the monsters. Kong-Skull Island was a better film than then either G-flick because of this. The story was good enough that people could enjoy the giant ape antics.

Pacific Rim often delved so deeply into the stupid that the giant mech vs alien giant monsters fun is diluted to a mere “meh” experience. The robots have to have to pilots who are “drift compatible” because the mental effort to control them is too great. But all the controls are manually operated. This isn’t Avatar where they are jacked into a clone or something. Countries are building 100 ft tall paper-thin walls to keep out giant monsters? We can’t keep 5 ft tall Mexicans from crossing our borders. Seriously, WTF are you thinking?

So, even though I’m a fan of Drinker’s, he needs to learn to stay in his own lane when it comes to genres he’s not really that familiar with. I’m sure a severe dint of new movie content is causing him problems with making his own videos, but he went in the ditch on this one.

The first G vs. K movie is really a step above the rest of the flicks of that era. Decent story. Enough monster action. Acting is adequate. The kong costume is pretty shitty really, especially the face, but you get used to it. I’ll be surprised if this new movie is as enjoyable.

I don’t agree with all his opinions, but this guy gets it. He’s a fan and a talented reviewer.

How Not To Sexy


Looks like she’s demo-ing a new dishwasher. “Here’s the top rack and then here’s the bottom.” The girls on the Price is Right were a lot more engaging when pointing at jars of pickles or rolling vacuum cleaners back and forth.

She looks just like any other boring basic bitch. Put her in some baggy sweats and her “personality” disappears.

It’ll Still Taste Like Horse Piss Either Way


Budweiser announced Monday morning that it is foregoing its annual Super Bowl commercial slot for the first time in 37 years, joining fellow juggernauts Coke, Hyundai and Pepsi in skipping this year’s Super Bowl broadcast amid the financial uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The beer brand said in a news release that instead of paying to air a Super Bowl ad, it will instead be “reallocating the media investment” to raise awareness about the COVID-19 vaccine throughout the year, in partnership with the Ad Council.

Uh, yeah… They’re not going to spend money on Superbowl ad (fuck the NFL), but use it to “raise awareness” (tied for most bullshit phrase with “have a conversation”) about the covid vaccine? The same vaccine that is talked about on every news broadcast, whether it be TV, radio or web-based. It’s mentioned at every government press conference, city, state, federal and NGO? Who the fuck are they trying to kid? I guess the piss-drinkers who buy their products.

Greasy Girl Monday – Bolt-ons Edition

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Hot Pick Of The Late Night — 90 Miles From Tyranny

I am a big fan of the under-boob pic, though the obvious after-markets are not my favorite specimens. I don’t know why the “she’s a got a big fat ass” pic is so popular today. Big asses are not historically desirable to my segment of the population. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as much of a T&A guy as the next, but what’s the fixation on girls with giant A’s? Blech. (Pretty sure I’ve done this rant before.)