How Not To Sexy


Looks like she’s demo-ing a new dishwasher. “Here’s the top rack and then here’s the bottom.” The girls on the Price is Right were a lot more engaging when pointing at jars of pickles or rolling vacuum cleaners back and forth.

She looks just like any other boring basic bitch. Put her in some baggy sweats and her “personality” disappears.

4 thoughts on “How Not To Sexy

  1. She does not appear to be happy. Or that she wants to get the viewer’s attention, but rather is just going through the motions.
    I wonder if she is a bikini model, just doing what the photographer has directed to bring attention to the clothing being sold, and has no emotional investment in doing a good job.

    But with her long hair, youth, breasts and healthy weight, she has substantial potential. Far better than the “woman” from the other post today, who is either a man in a dress, or a woman with a man’s hair length.


  2. Guys, she has a look like she was thinking about something else, (if she parked the car correctly or if she had time to get to the post office today, etc).

    It happens. Punt. She would probably gain from taking some mindfulness exercises or community acting classes.

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