Apple Will Now Build Its Products That Spy On You In Vietnam

Over the last few years, Apple has been moving some of its production away from China to places like India and Vietnam. Now a second report claims that Apple will for the first time, move iPad production out of China to Vietnam and that it will be a “significant number of devices.”

Oh, goody.

Huh, WP preview doesn’t match production view. Again.

One thought on “Apple Will Now Build Its Products That Spy On You In Vietnam

  1. Reckon that’s because the overhead on labour is cheaper? Or becuase the the Socialist Republic of Vietnam does a better job of keeping it’s slaves in line then the Peoples Republic of China?

    Personally I would have moved the factory becuase the chicks are hotter but that’s just me

    A lot of the shot callers in Vietnam are ethnically Chinese. Which is partly why so many of them were unwilling to fight for capitalism and what not sense it was democracy and capitalism for the Chinese/ market domanite ethnic minority and shit sandwiches for the actua Vietnamese

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