3 thoughts on “Saturday Gingermageddon — Animal Magnetism

  1. No one expects THE PROFESSOR!Timeless content for your bluemoon’s of kentucky!I’m a good ole’rebel!For the good of the confederacy!!!Put your foot on the gas!LET IT GO!LET IT GO!!
    Take a look out your window,theres a GBFMtm storm coming!I know I’ll be bad for good!I’m going to like this forever like good ole’boy hoyt axton!Reconstructed?No!
    KENTUCKY,How you doing?
    Prepared for this storm blowing in?
    I forgot you had your own place!
    I was looking at the old dal’post ”SOME QS FOR AMERICAN AIRLINES”&clicked on your name(Above your team woman comment!)&came here!P.S.”Red” above sort of looks like coverdales tawny but this one would have looked better on the car & in the ”still of the night” right!?But more endowed
    in a certain area!HUNTERP.S.You perfer jim steinmans or marvins version of ”bad for good”?I actualy perfer jims!Marvins sounds too sub-dued compared to jims more energetic version!You?But of course jims is from’81 not’06 like marvins!I do like marvins cover art better than jims!

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