3 thoughts on “Hot Pick Of The Late Night — 90 Miles From Tyranny

  1. Is this love,that I’m feeling?(Is this love)Is this love?I should have known better than to let you go to victorias secret, smiling alone!In times like these,If its something I want,then its something I need, indeed!
    I heard about those storms blowing into kentucky on the today show, this morning in between harry&”scared” markel segments!You don’t think those storms got any ideas from another storm a few days back do you?

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      • KENTUCKY
        Hears your latest comment at jacks, filtered through ole’GBFMtm in aug’13!
        ONE COC RULE!ONE COC RULE!I ain’t no fool!I ain’t no tool!Add another coc!You think you add another coc?, I’m gone!,Gone to the beach!Let the betas buy yer, ya next drink!Truier words right?This song has helped culture &church for over 7&ahalf years kentucky!P.S.The old days on dal’right?

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