If 17 Federal Programs to Target The Problem Can’t Do It, Surely The 18th Will


That’s just what we’ve had up to now. By my count there are seventeen of these things. And yes, according to DeParle (and apparently the Biden administration), that incredible profusion of programs has been leaving some 10+% of Americans “lacking enough to eat.” If that’s true, it would seem to be one of the most incredible bureaucratic disasters in human history. Shouldn’t all the people involved get fired for rank incompetence? How is it even possible to fail so completely with so many resources at hand?

In any rational organization, the next step would be to hold the current people accountable, and restructure the existing services to use the resources at hand to actually accomplish the mission. But then, this is the government, and that’s not how it’s done. Abject failure is the basis to go back and double down with massive new spending given to the same incompetent bureaucrats so that they can continue to fail. So now, DeParle reports, the Biden administration will embark on a vast new “effort to rush more food assistance to more people” that is “notable both for the scale of its ambition and the variety of its legislative and administrative actions.” Among the new and expanded initiatives will be “increas[ing] food stamps by more than $1 billion a month, provid[ing] needy children a dollar a day for snacks, expand[ing] a produce allowance for pregnant women and children, and authoriz[ing] the largest children’s summer feeding program in history.”

Let’s get a comment from some left-wing advocate of these things:

“We haven’t seen an expansion of food assistance of this magnitude since the founding of the modern food stamp program in 1977,” said James P. Ziliak, an economist at the University of Kentucky who studies nutrition programs. “It’s a profound change.”

Of course a UK lefty prof covers the institution in glory. Again.

Really good post. How can any rational person be a Big Government proponent when every bit of evidence in history shows that BigGov totally fails people every time? Obviously, rational people can’t and aren’t.

h/t Nikolai at SovietMen


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