Animal’s Hump Day News — Animal Magnetism

Happy Hump Day!Spring seems to be (finally) coming to the Great Land.  After weeks of prevailing winds blowing out from south-central Alaska into Cook Inlet, dragging cold air down from above the Arctic Circle, the last few days have finally dawned warmer.  By the weekend we should have temps in the low fifties and sunshine.…

Animal’s Hump Day News — Animal Magnetism

Now that is a fabulous backside. Toned but not muscular. No disgusting giant butt. Arms and legs pleasingly lithe.

Yeah, for Blondie!

2 thoughts on “Animal’s Hump Day News — Animal Magnetism

  1. ”The tide is high,but blondie is holding on!I’m gonna be your number 1 sexy boy,but I’m not your boy-toy blondie&hands off the merchandise”!!
    Was this the song&storm, you were thinking of?
    Once I read blondie,thats what came to my mind,instinctively!
    P.S.Why dos’nt everybody have fun like us good ‘ole boys,hunter?

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