Don’t Be Cathy’s Clown

Heard this song on my way back from the gym this morning. (My newish truck has a super fancy radio but I only listen to the oldies station. Might as well have a radio shack transistor handheld taped to my dash.) Got me to thinking, who was the last famous Cathy/Kathy worth getting even slightly bothered about? I had to go all the way back to the 80’s for:


Seriously, there hasn’t been another C/Kathy to make beautiful waves since then? I’m not just forgetting someone obvious?

The Best Thing Jordan Peterson Or Donald Trump Ever Did Was…

Showing the general public just how stupid, biased and unthinking the “talking head” classes in Western countries actually are. You don’t have to agree with anything Peterson or Trump say, just watch how these “journalists” or other talking heads operate. Yes, the Channel 4 video with lobster girl is the most famous, but they ALL follow the same script because that script is who they are.

The woman is green is completely dismissive about the facts he’s telling her even though she knows 100% it’s the truth. The mom talking about her daughter being a CEO or a nurse is surprised to hear that the reason she thinks that way is because that’s the way people like her think, and that just because people like her think that way doesn’t actually make it the truth comes as a shock.