Flashback Friday – Bodyshaping

Some of the comments over at SigmaFrame


The difference between a 7 body in 1995 and a 7 body now is muscle tone/firmness/tightness. The 1995 body was more or less designed to look great in clothes, and fine in a bathing suit, but most girls did not have what were then called “bikini bodies” — even most 7s didn’t. The bikini body was a specific type of look, a much more toned body look overall than the average “hot” woman had in 1990-1995. In 1995, there were some girls who looked better with clothes than they did without, and some who looked better without than with, but since most girls wear clothes more than they are naked, most girls went for a look that looked better in clothes (including most “hot” girls in that era as well).

brought this to mind for me.

I seem to remember the brunette with the straight hair as being a personal favorite.

While I agree that the “fit look” is more popular today, I really don’t think that much has changed with how women are judged physically by men. T & A is what men want and have always wanted. Women’s fashion hasn’t changed that at all.

Remember to concentrate on the chest area.

4 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – Bodyshaping

  1. Also note: These women (in the video, SS,, Denise Austin, etc) were hands down in better physical shape than many “models” I remember in the 90’s. Most of the fit and toned type women we know of could actually function somewhat (actually do a push up or 10).

    I know of worthless skinny women that cant fill any bathing suit and couldnt carry a 20 lbs box without getting hurt…(ahem a certain blonde actress that runs a scam lifestyle products company).

    Obviously the body positivity movement has covered the rest of our comments

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  2. ”Do what you want.because a pirate is free,YOU ARE A PIRATE!”
    We’re sailing away!Being a pirate in the alestorm is alright with me!
    We’re heading to shore where theres lots of fit&toned whores!Yo-ho!Being a pirate is realy badass!Adventure lies on every shore with these whores!You are a pirate!Full of precious booty on these shores on our map!”
    I discovered another classic alestorm song earlier today!
    Their still the best pirate band in the biz!
    For all of us whores&ale enthusists!

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  3. I don’t normally disagree with Novaseeker. This might be the first time. But I remember the 90s well, and workout fashion was very revealing then, and there were a lot of in-shape people.
    Think the difference is, in the 90s no one would show up in spandex and display their abdomen if they were fat. Now fat women are brandishing spandex everywhere and it looks comparatively vulgar.

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