Don’t Be Cathy’s Clown

Heard this song on my way back from the gym this morning. (My newish truck has a super fancy radio but I only listen to the oldies station. Might as well have a radio shack transistor handheld taped to my dash.) Got me to thinking, who was the last famous Cathy/Kathy worth getting even slightly bothered about? I had to go all the way back to the 80’s for:


Seriously, there hasn’t been another C/Kathy to make beautiful waves since then? I’m not just forgetting someone obvious?

4 thoughts on “Don’t Be Cathy’s Clown

  1. On top of being a subject of my memory back in the day, she was a business genius. She never got punked out and made a dime outside of the looks dept.

    Same husband for ages. Decent person apparently. Uneventful even

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  2. I heard courtney ryan might be on the MMP/SMP again
    So we can all dream of getting up with a true high-value woman,right?
    We can dream of her plus have the hungriest of hungry eyes like on the dirty dancing film also!

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